03 April 2020

Color Management in Firefox

How to set Firefox to be a fully colour managed browser.

08 January 2018

Automatically format JavaScript commits using Prettier, Husky and lint-staged

Spend more time reviewing the code quality rather than adherrance to the style guide in a Pull Request. Automatically run the code formatter Prettier against all relevant files currently staged ahead of being committed to your repository.

12 November 2017

Migrate G Suite account to a Personal Google Account

Google hasn't made it easy, but it is possible to migrate your G Suite account over to a Personal Gmail account.

06 August 2017

Configure Prettier and ESLint in Visual Studio Code

Learn how to setup Prettier and ESLint for use on any JavaScript project inside the excellent Visual Studio Code.

08 May 2017

Permanently add ssh passphrase to keychain

Throw caution to the wind and store your ssh key's passphrase inside the MacOS keychain.

06 May 2017

Remove all node_modules directories recursively

Commandline quick tip to recursively walk a directory tree to delete all node_modules directories.

03 May 2017

Create environment specific configuration for a Node app

In this article I show just one method of managing environment variables in a JavaScript project. The configuration is created within a single location making maintenance much safer.

16 September 2015

Thunderstorm - a Sublime Text theme for Web Developers

A dark theme I used to use when I coded in Sublime Text. Visual Studio Code now has all my love along with a light theme. How times have changed.

31 May 2015

Third-party USB LAN Adapter for Wii U

WiFi just won't cut it in the fast pace world of Splatoon.

31 May 2015

Build a Nintendo emulator using a Raspberry Pi 2

A fun project to create an emulator that looks like the original NES. Nothing beats playing on the original hardware though. Please don't use this knowledge to emulate cartridges you don't already own.

12 September 2014

Create a Minecraft Server on DigitalOcean

Can you survive this guide to build your own Minecraft server?

11 September 2014

Create a Chrome Extension to hide YouTube Comments

The main aim is to learn the very basics of how to create a Chrome Extension.

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