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Laracon EU 2015

I recently attended Laracon EU 2015 as part of a Ham Sandwich work vacation. The conference took place on 25 and 26 August in Amsterdam and a few of us from The Deli took time out for the trip to experience nerd talks, coding, caffeine and Dutch beer!

It’s safe to say the theme of this year’s Laracon was that of Empathy. The theme was immediately apparent from the tone set by Matt Stauffer’s excellent keynote all the way through to Jeffrey Way’s energetic closer.

In fact, a fair number of the talks eschewed the technical to discuss openly the benefits of just being excellent to each other. But this isn’t a talk-by-talk review post - instead I urge you to check out the excellent talks at the Laracon YouTube Channel.

Hopefully you'll watch the talks and walk away as inspired as we who were lucky enough to attend.

Now go forth and BUILD THINGS!